Broome is located on the shores of Roebuck Bay, some 2237 kms by road from Perth. The climate is semi arid – warm sunny days and balmy nights in winter and monsoonal wet season activity during the tropical summer.

Established as a pearling port in the 1880’s, Broome’s indigenous population was joined by Europeans, Japanese, Malays, Koepangers and Chinese in the quest for the lustrous South Sea pearl. This melting pot of nationalities fuelled a flamboyant, romantic past and gave birth to the rich multicultural society which characterizes the Broome of today.

In the peak years between 1910 and 1914 Broome was the bustling pearl capital of the world. The town was a busy commercial centre and port for nearly 400 luggers. Early settlers developed a distinctive building style with extensive use of corrugated iron, lattice work and wide shady verandahs. Broome’s rich history is depicted in many of the beautiful old buildings, which even today; evoke an essence of the romance and splendour of the early years.

Breathtaking natural scenery, modern shopping centres, world class resorts, cosmopolitan dining, diverse entertainment and a wide range of sporting and leisure activities add to the attraction of Broome as a premier tourist destination.

With modern housing and town services and a growing population, Broome is a unique regional centre and offers plenty of lifestyle and investment opportunity.


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